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South Park Mexican A.K.A SPM A.K.A Carlos Coy

Who are the Best rap artists?
Its hard to determine who is the best rap malandro artist but it is nas or tupac lil Wayne could be but not yet

Best selling rap artists in 2008?
Poopy mcgee, the rapper G.!

What rap songs are considered the best rap songs of all time?
Some of the best rap songs of all time are ten to twenty years old. Artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Run DMC, have some of the most played songs in rap history.

Where do most of rap artists come from?
most rap artists come from all the places you and i come from whether it be the 'hood' or the uptown a rap artist can come from anywhere really we have rap artists that rose from homeless wrecks to fame and fortune and we have ones that did the exact opposite

What are some popular Khmer rap artists?
There are a large variety of popular Khmer rap artists. These popular Khmer rap artists include, but are not strictly limited to, Prach Ly, Bauk Pnaek, and Mic Barz.

How do rap artists make their money?
How easy is this, they rap, and have concerts and pay for themselves.

Who are some popular Russian rap artists?
Kasta, Bad Balance, Detsl, and Seryoga are popular Russian rap artists. Malchishnik, which disbanded in 1994, was the first popular Russian rap group.

Who are the best gangstar rap artists?
Taylor swift,big time rush,Justin beiber,and king Julian from Madagascar

What artists are known for Chicano rap?
Chicano rap is a specific style of rap that is related to hip hop and gangsta rap, with roots in western Mexican culture. Some of the most well-known Chicano rap artists and groups are Kid Frost, Brownside, Akwid, and Lil Rob.

Why do rap artists tattoo themselves all over their bodies?
Not all rap artists do have them all over their bodys, but if they do then they must like having them and that's their right.

What is the best selling rap song of all time?
run dmc and aerosmith - walk this way

Who is the best rapper at this time?
kanye west is thought to be a very respected rapper at this time, and also tinie tempah. there are many good rap artists, so it really depends on a matter of opinion. i think that tinie tempah writes the best raps, but the quality of kanye west's voice is better. if you are asking for female rap artists included, then Nicki minaj is definitely as good as those two but there is a lot of...

What are some 80s rap artists?
Beastie Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How old is the rap artist Rap2k?
Rap2K is a popular site where one can listen to french rap artists and their music. It showcases many up and coming artists. The site began in 2001.

What rap artists are Capricorns?
L.L Cool J. january

What can one do on the website Rap Basement?
At the website Rap Basment one can listen to Rap songs, view videos of popular and still unknown Rap artists, discuss with others using the forums and read the latest Rap news.

Who was the rap artists that went diamond in album sales?
Emenim and nelly

Who are some artists that rap?
Lil' Wayne,50cent and Snoop dog

Are there any soft rap hip hop artists?
i think akon is

What two rap artists were killed by a drive by shooting?
Tupac and Notorious BIG

Who are the top 3 highest selling rap artists?
1.Eminem 2.Tupac 3.Biggie smalls...these are the 3 highest selling, not just my favorite, though they are the best

What are some Christian Rap artists?
Some Christian Rap artists are DC Talk, Toby Mac, DJ Maj, Corey Red & Precise, Lecrae, Sean Slaughter, The Cross Movement, T-Bone, GRITS, and many more.

Who is the best Christian rap artist?
the best christian rap artist is LeCrae.

What Grammy Awards have Eminem won?
Awards:Grammy Awards include Best Rap Album of the Year (Slim Shady), Best Rap Solo Performance ("My Name Is"), 1999; Best Rap Album (The Marshall MathersLP), Best Rap Solo Performance (The Real Slim Shady), 2000; Best Short Form Music Video ("Without Me"), Best Rap Album (The Eminem Show), 2002; Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song (both for "Lose Yourself"), 2003.

Who start rap?
afrika bambaataa, dj cool herc and other artists from the 70s

1 rap artists of all times?
Dj Perry website

Does bobby valentino sing hip hop?
No!he just colaborates with different rap artists>

Who are the richest rap artists?
lil jon 2 chainz lilwayne eminem tyga

What is old school rap?
it`s music that music artists made back in the old days when your motherwas young making you. Old school rap is when we did not have Eminem

What are some good rap songs that talk about God?
Some good Christian rap artists are Tobymac, Flame, Manafest, Lecrae, Tedashii, and Trip Lee.

Who inspired Tupac to start rapping?
Nobody Inspired Tupac He Just Felt The Passion To Rap , So He Did . Well , Maybe Rap Artists Did But None In Paticular .

How Many Grammys Has Eminem Won?
Through 2011, Eminem has won 13 Grammys and was nominated for 23 more.(He has also won one Oscar). By year, his Grammy wins were : 2000 Best Rap Solo Performance: "My Name Is" Best Rap Album: The Slim Shady LP 2001 Best Rap Solo Performance: "The Real Slim Shady" Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group: "Forgot About Dre" (with Dr. Dre) Best Rap Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2003 Best Short Form Music...

Which Grammy's has Eminem won?
Eminem has won 9 Grammy awards : 2000 Best Rap Solo Performance: "My Name Is" Best Rap Album: The Slim Shady LP 2001 Best Rap Solo Performance: "The Real Slim Shady" Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group: "Forgot About Dre" (with Dr. Dre) Best Rap Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2003 Best Short Form Music Video: "Without Me" (directed by Joseph Kahn) Best Rap Album: The Eminem Show 2004 Best Rap Solo Performance...

What is the rap song that is two guys rapping back and forth?
There are hundreds of Rap songs that involve the artists rapping back and forth. So we cant answer this question fully.

Who are Detroit rap artists?
To name a few... Eminem, D12, ICP, Esham, Obie Trice,

What percent of all US album sales was by rap artists in 2010?
Less than 10%

Who did usher have an influence on?
chris brown and many other young r & b or rap artists

Any Motown songs sampled by rap artists?
Try a Little Tenderness by Chris Brown

What rap song featured Heavy D and other uptown recording artists?
No Curse Words

What two rap artists were killed in drive by shootings?
Tupac amaru shakur.../ biggie smallz...............................................:)

What two rap artists were killed in drive-by shooting?
Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

What is the french rap song on the adult swim commercial?
The name of the song is "Frotte ton cul par terre" by French rap artists TTC. It's on the album "3615"

Where were Nik Og Jay born?
The rap artists Nik and Jay were born in the European country of Denmark. They continue to tour their home country with their brand of rap and hip hop.

What would be the best way to promote hip hop music?
walk around your neighborhood with a sign that says listen to more rap this has been another exciting statement by ?

Where did the rap music start?
RUN DMC. it is impossible to know exactly where rap music started because of all the underground and unreleased artists. nonetheless, run dmc coined the term rap music and brought all the popularity to the style.

Have any rap artists become Christians?
M.C. Jin (aka jsut "Jin") M.C. Hammer

Who are the top 5 Pittsburgh rap artists?
Hardo 2Kraze Q45 Big Gav B White

Why is Aftermath Entertainment losing their rap artists?
becuase there sick of waiting ten years for the albums to come out

Who is got swager?
jay z, cher llyod, will.i.a.m, pro green. Most rap artists

Can Jaden Smith rap?
he can but hes not the best and he can rap very well

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